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Bridge Approach Ground Improvement

Richmond, Virginia

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The Job

This bridge approach ground improvement project by CJGeo is located in Richmond, Virginia. With multiple S curves and merges, I-195 in Richmond, Virginia is one of the most accident prone sections of interstate in Central Virginia. Significant settlement of multiple approach and departure slabs at various bridges didn’t make things any better. Improving the ride quality by addressing up to 6 inches of settlement was a critical part of a 2022 safety improvement plan.

The Challenge

Extensive settlement over the years had caused the pavement to become distressed. This was addressed over time with extensive patching of the pavement slabs. With no reasonable detour routes, shutting down traffic to facilitate repairs was not an option.

The Solution

While the original project designed required lifting all of the settled pavement, this would have been nearly impossible, given the extensive patching (including full depth filling of expansion joints with repair mortar).

CJGeo worked with the general contractor and VDOT to revise the repair plan to a combination of compaction grouting of the underlying soils, coupled with an asphalt overlay of the approach and departure slabs to restore the ride.

Polyurethane compaction grouting was performed to a depth of up to 25′ below the pavement surface. This was to consolidate poorly controlled backfill material, at two approaches (9 lanes total) and three departures (9 lanes total). Cutoff criteria was 0.05 inches of lift at each point/stage.

Milling and paving for a 30′ taper to provides a smooth transition and ride.

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