Lifting a warehouse floor with foam

9″ Floor Lift

Boston, MA


9″ floor lift for 6,000 square feet of slab floor in a flex space building in Boston, Massachusetts. The tenant of a warehouse space vacated at renewal due to challenges that the settlement caused for their operations. The tenant of the adjacent office portion threatened to not renew if the warehouse floor wasn’t lifted.


The building owner wanted to lift the warehouse floor to improve the function of the space. To avoid further upsetting the office tenant, repairs had to be quiet, dust free, not require moving any of their furnishings, and ensure long term stability.

The office space settlement correction repairs could only happen at night, so relying on material deliveries would be difficult.


CJGeo proposed plural component polyurethane grouting to the owner for this 9″ floor lift. Plural component polyurethane grouting is exceptionally clean, isn’t dependent on third party grout deliveries, and allows immediately return to service.

A five person CJGeo polyurethane grouting crew corrected all of the settlement in a single shift using CJGrout 28FDL. The vacant warehouse portion of the building was lifted during the day. Once the adjacent office closed for the day, the CJGeo crew completed the office space slab foundation repair overnight.

CJGrout 28FDL injection uses 5/8″ holes drilled through the slab. Because the holes are so small, dustless drilling is very easy. During installation, CJGrout 28FDL expands up to 24 times its liquid volume. Therefore, this entire project was done with material delivered to the site in CJGeo’s equipment. Cement grouting would have required multiple material deliveries, which would have made this 9″ floor lift project take much longer.

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