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Aerix Industries

Been there. Grouted that.

Aerix Industries has been producing preformed foams for cellular concrete since 1942. CJGeo is an Aerix Medallion manufacturer of cellular concrete using preformed foams from Aerix Industries. CJGeo’s cellular concrete is called CJFill, and is used extensively in the utility, heavy civil and structural markets.

Aerix Preformed Foams

CJGeo manufactures cellular concrete using the following preformed foams from Aerix:


Aerlite-iX is a fully synthetic, closed cell preformed foam. Because it is fully synthetic, when run through colloidal grout plants, Aerlite-iX can be placed in single pours greater than 20 feet deep. CJGeo manufacturers CJFill-Ultra Lightweight, CJFill-Standard, and CJFill-Under Water using Aerlite-iX.


Aquaer-iX is a fully synthetic, open cell preformed foam. Because it creates open cell cellular concrete, CJGeo uses Aquaer-iX to manufacture CJFill-High Permeability.

Uses of Aerix Industries Preformed Foams

Preformed foams from Aerix are an integral part of various types of cellular grouts manufactured by CJGeo. While you can’t make good cellular concrete with bad preformed foam, using a high quality preformed foam from Aerix doesn’t guarantee high quality cellular concrete.

The performance and physical properties of the finished cellular concrete are highly dependent on variables other than the preformed foam. For example, mixing quality and energy have a tremendous impact on the physical properties of the finished material. Low energy mixing generally results in slower set times, and lower breaks than the high energy, colloidal mixing that CJGeo uses in our dry batch process.

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