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Toe Drain Abandonment

Montgomery Village, MD

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The Job

This toe drain abandonment project is located outside of Washington, DC. Lake Whetstone is an approximately 30-acre manmade impoundment located in Montgomery County, Maryland. The approximately 1000LF earthen dam provides stormwater runoff control and recreation.

As part of a retrofit program of the embankment, two 8″, perforated CMP toe drain pipes need to be grouted for a minimum of 100LF, under active flow.

The Challenge

Each of the two, 100′ long pipes needed to be grout filled. The pipes are only could only be accessable from the downstream end of the pipes. One pipe had nominal flow, and the second pipe had approximately 10GPM of flow. Each discharges through an end wall structure at the stilling basin.

The Solution

The project designer, Gannett Fleming, specified NSF Section 61 certified grout (potable water contact) for the abandonment grout. Due to the “one-shot” nature of the project, above-ground mockups, including sacrificial pipe installation, chemical grout cup testing, yield analysis, and visual inspection, were all required prior to the start of grouting.

While most abandonment grouting uses high mobility cement grout, like CJFill-Ultra Lightweight, chemical grout was the best option for this abandonment. Chemical grout’s reaction speed (and therefore mobility) is controllable onsite by variable catalyst dosing. This helps ensure minimizing any migration of grout into adjacent structures or waterways.

CJGeo performed the onsite mockup testing and analysis, and then grouted the two pipes in place successfully over a period of two days onsite.

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