Warehouse Floor Water Intrusion Repair

Columbia, SC

The Job

This warehouse floor water intrusion repair project is located in Columbua, South Carolina. An area of the floor inside of a produce processing facility experienced water intrusion through joints in the floor. Considerable amounts of process water were dumped on the floor each day, and unsealed joints in the floor allowed water to collect under the floor slab.

The floor was showing signs of slab curl from poor control of the curing process after placement. With dynamic loading from material handling equipment, water was pumping through the joint onto the floor. Due to the slab curl, the floor was effectively acting as a diaphragm pump. The facility’s health & safety staff was concerned that the water could introduce contaminants to the food processing area.

The Challenge

The proposed repair had to perform well in saturated conditions, allow for near immediate resumption of material handler equipment, and ensure a long-term fix. Since no settlement had occurred, the grout material had to be able to seal the very small voids, displace water, and not exert any lifting forces on the floor.

The material & process also had to be perform well at cold temperatures–the facility is at 34 degrees year-round.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed chemical grouting using a hydrophilic prepolymer grout. Chemical grouting is ideal for saturated environments and helps to ensure complete stabilization and sealing of floors.

A single CJGeo chemical grouting crew mobilized to the site and performed the slab foundation repair work in a few hours. The water intrusion grouting work started after the second shift. The grout set to tolerate material handling equipment before the start of the first shift.

The following day, the facility reported no water extrusion under material handler traffic.

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