Railway Grade Crossing Repair

Vineland, NJ


112 track feet of crossing panels settled, and needed grade crossing repair. This caused the adjacent asphalt pavement to fail. The crossing ran diagonally across the highway. The road was graded so that the crossing was the primary flow path for surface water.

The crossing had already been replaced twice. The last replacement used flowable fill as the base material. The crossing panels experienced approximately 1 inch of deflection with highway traffic. There were also 4-inch voids below the panels.

Lifting modular grade crossing using polyurethane grouting.

With highway traffic from heavily-loaded vehicles, the crossing deflected enough to squirt water three to four feet in the air. This water pumping action actively pumped the subbase material from under the crossing.


The repair had to allow immediate vehicular traffic to facilitate a single-lane closure that was flipped halfway through the repair. The repair also had to allow for immediate resumption of rail traffic. The crossing served a sand mine. so the repair was designed around high service loads for heavy haul rail traffic.


High-density polyurethane grouting using CJGrout 48NHL for this grade crossing repair.  CJGrout 48NHL is designed specifically for rail and airfield grouting work.

CJGeo modular grade crossing repair crew filled the voids and corrected settlement in less than a day.  Asphalt patching was done concurrently with polyurethane injection. The entire repair took less than one day. The roadway and rail opened up immediately after the repair.

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