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Veranda St Bridge Infill

Portland, Maine

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The Job

Maine DOT’s Veranda Street Bridge Replacement Project, in Portland, Maine. Using rapid bridge replacement, the project took a three span bridge and converted it to a single span bridge.

The Challenge

To manage settlement due to up to 80′ of underlying WOH material, lightweight fill had to be used to infill two spans, and backfill the new abutments. The absolute lowest unit weight possible requirement led to a hybrid cellular concrete/EPS fill design. The bulk of the infill was performed using EPS blocks. However, due to the irregular surfaces, piers, etc., and the need for a lightweight load distribution slab, cellular concrete was integral to the design.

The Solution

Over two mobilizations, through snow and freezing temperatures, CJGeo placed 3200CY of 25lb/cuft CJFill cellular concrete for abutment backfilling and existing pier infills. A 778CY 30lb/cuft topping slab was then poured over the EPS fill masses.