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Flowable Fill

Need a $&%@ load of flowable fill, or flowable fill that can be pumped thousands of feet? We're your people.

Need a lot of flowable fill (CLSM), or CLSM that can be pumped up to thousands of feet?  CJGeo can generate up to 200CY/hour of LD-CLSM onsite directly from bulk cement–skip the delays, small loads, and hassles of ready mix.Request a Quote

Project Examples

Here are a few of the thousands of flowable fill projects we’ve completed.

1900CY Stem Wall Backfilling

Read about how we batched onsite and placed 1900CY of LD-CLSM in four days to backfill inside of CMU stem walls for an academic building in Lynchburg, Virginia.View Project

1575LF of 48″ Abandonment

Read about how CJGeo abandoned 1575LF of 48″ water main in two days from a single access point using 730CY of low density flowable fill batched onsite.View Project

750CY Basement Tunnel Abandonment

Read about how CJGeo batched 750CY of low density flowable fill onsite in Wilmington, Delaware to fill a utility tunnel in the basement of a commercial building.View Project

Low Density Flow Fill Applications

CJGeo has expertise in all things cellular concrete. Here are some projects cellular concrete is typically used for:

  • Mass Fills: Because CJGeo’s low density flowable fill is self-consolidating and very high slump, it flows around and through obstructions to fill any shape needed.  And, with up to 200CY/hour of onsite generation, is significantly faster to place, and generally less expensive than normal unit weight flowable fill.
  • Annular Space Grouting: The lightweight nature of cellular concrete makes it exceptionally easy to pump and flow through tight annuluses and small openings. Because our mix generally only consists of cement paste with a 0.6 water:cement ratio, there is no aggregate to segregate out.
  • Pipe & Tunnel Abandonment: Cellular concrete is economical and efficient when used for pipe and/or tunnel abandonment. The use of self-leveling, low density materials ensures minimal pumping points and a complete fill.  CJGeo’s low density flowable fill can easily be pumped at a hundred cubic yards per hour up to a mile at a time.

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Flowable Fill Mix Design

Both our pervious and impervious low density flowable fill are available in a range of densities from 20PCF to 70PCF. At 20PCF, our wet cast mix has a typical compressive strength at 28 days of 50PSI. At 70PCF, our wet cast mix has a typical compressive strength at 28 days of 1100PSI. For densities in between 20PCF and 70PCF, speak to a CJ Geo expert to learn more.


We can easily pump low density flowable fill through long distances at low pressure. For example, it’s possible to pump it more than 1500 ft. at less than 20PSI through a 6″ pipe. Since our mix is only cement slurry and air bubbles, there is no issue with segregation of mixes.