WCU Slide Backfill

Steam Tunnel Lightweight Backfill

Cullowhee, North Carolina

WCU Backfill Image 2

The Job

As part of the expansion and renovation of the steam plant at Western Carolina University, a section of existing steam tunnel needed to be uncovered to install a new wall. The wall needed to be backfilled, and due to the condition of the tunnel, the lighter the backfill the better.

The Challenge

The site was exceptionally tight, and the location was more than 30 minutes from the closest ready mix plant. The backfill depth was nearly 15 feet, but the project was only about 1200CY, so doing 2′ lifts would have been slow and expensive.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed a CJFill-UL as a value improvement over the organic foaming agent cellular concrete that was specified. The architect and structural engineer approved the proposed change.

CJGeo mobilized a four person crew and a 200CY/hour mobile batch plant, and completed the work in three pours over two days. The CJFill-UL was generated using a synthetic foaming agent that can be placed up to 20 thick at a time, and is generated onsite directly from bulk cement, so isn’t dependent on ready mix plant locations.