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Rising Mains 48″ Abandonments

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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The Job

As part of the Rising Mains No 3 & 4 replacement project, roughly 1575LF of 48″ water main needed to be grouted.

The Challenge

The abandonment was specified for flowable fill, however the contractor had doubts about being able to successfully perform the abandonments with flowable fill due to access limitations, ready mix delivery limitations and the roughly 20′ of elevation change over the length of the pipe.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed 25lb/cuft cellular concrete, with an average of 80psi compressive strength for abandoning the pipes.

Using onsite dry batching, CJGeo generated and placed 730CY of grout to successfully fill the pipe, which was access near the middle to create two segments. The work was completed over two days.