Tub Crossing Repair

Vineland & Millville, NJ

The Job

This tub crossing repair was done for a short line railroad in New Jersey. The sandy soils of South Jersey are great for growing produce and mining pure silica sand. While most of the produce is shipped by truck, a lot of the silica is shipped by rail. The rails inevitably cross the roads, and many of the crossings are at grade.

The Challenge

A short-line railroad was experiencing significant settlement and pumping of multiple precast modular crossings in the Vineland & Millville areas. Each crossing saw significant truck traffic, primarily from aggregate mining, and also significant heavy haul rail traffic from transporting sand.

Voids below the panels were holding water due to poor drainage. Each time a truck or train passed over the panels, they deflected downwards. This deflection pumps base material out from under the crossing, causing settlement.

The Solution

Working with a rail maintenance contractor, CJGeo performed polyurethane grouting on a total of four precast tub crossings in the area, using CJGrout 40NHL. Each crossing repair took a single day. Polyurethane grouting allowed for the immediate resumption of automobile traffic, and rail traffic. Th CJGeo crew installed supplemental bolting to address the deterioration of the panels resulting from the extensive movement of the panels.

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