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Lightweight Plaza Fill

Tysons Corner, Virginia

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The Job

Lightweight plaza fill for a private age restricted high rise new build in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Tysons Corner was historically an office heavy area of Fairfax County, but this project, along with many others, is increasing the amount of residential real estate in the area.

The Challenge

To manage dead loads over the four story parking deck, while achieving a landscape design requiring up to five feet of fill, the designer specified 20lb/cuft CJFill-High Permeability cellular concrete for the plaza fill material. The material had to be permeable, and placed up to 600′ from the closest access point for a plant. The deck elevation is about 30′ above the laydown area.

The total square footage of placement needed to be around 17,000 square feet. EPS foam blocks were an alternative fill material. However, EPS would have been exceptionally time consuming and expensive to install.

The Solution

CJGeo mobilized a 200CY/hour dry batch plant and crew, who generated up to 500CY/day for placement via hoses and a boom pump to successfully fill the plaza areas. Total project volume for this lightweight plaza fill was approximately 2200CY.

All material is onsite from dry bulk cement, with zero exposure to the hit or miss ready mix concrete market. An onsite cement storage pig allows overnight raw material delivery and staging, to eliminate traffic disruption.

The 20lb/cuft CJFill-High Permeability Low Density Controlled Low Strength Material placement was formed by the site concrete contractor. After the CJFill-HP had set, the site concrete contractor poured exposed aggregate sidewalks directly on top of the CJFill-HP. Other areas of the deck were backfilled with engineered lightweight soil, and then planted with extensive landscaping.

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