Industrial Short Line Tub Crossing Repair

Baltimore, Maryland

The Job:

12 tub-style grade crossing panels developed a 2.5″ belly on a heavy haul industrial scrap short line. The railway’s FRA inspector directed the railway to address the settlement of the crossing panels to bring the crossing geometry back into compliance. Along with being non-compliant from a track geometry perspective, accumulation of water below the panels was causing deterioration of the adjacent asphalt pavement.

The Challenge::

The belly only affected one travel lane of the roadway, but repairs had to not affect the other lane, so that traffic could be maintained to the adjacent industrial properties. Due to rail traffic schedules, the repair had to allow for rail traffic during the repair.

CJGeo’s Solution:

CJGeo crews performed the crossing repair in a single day, using polyurethane grouting. During the repair, two trains utilized the crossing.