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I-64 Soundwall Backfill

Newport News, Virginia

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The Job

VDOT’s I-64 widening project is a multi-phase widening of Interstate 64 between Richmond & Newport News. This soundwall backfill work occurred as part of Segment 2, near the Queen’s Creek bridge.

The Challenge

Approximately 150LF of a combination sound & retaining wall needed to retain more than 10′ of backfill. In order to keep the drilled foundation size consistent along the alignment, the backfill material needed to be significantly lighter than the soil backfill used in other segments, where there was minimal retained depth.

The material needed to be freely-draining and less than 40lb/cuft. To ensure proper drainage, the lightweight fill material couldn’t impact the function of the combination drain waterproofing system applied to the wall.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed backfilling the affected wall segments with 30lb/cuft CJFill-UL. Used extensively by VDOT for backfilling the retained zones of MSE walls, CJFill-UL provides significantly better bearing capacity than soils or aggregates, and once cured does not apply lateral loads to the structures it is placed against.

During installation, lateral pressure from the cellular concrete is simply the hydraulic head. Hydraulic head is calculated by multiplying the pour thickness, in this case 5′, by the wet cast density, here 30lb/cuft, so 150PSF. Because CJFill-Ultra Lightweight cellular concrete does not contain any aggregate, there is no internal friction to contribute towards lowering pressures.

CJGeo placed approximately 200CY of CJFill-UL for the soundwall backfill the wall in two pours, each approximately 5′ thick. The contractor was able to place the pavement base on top of the material the following day.

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