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Hollow Abutment Filling

Buckland, Massachusetts

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The Job

This hollow abutment filling project is located in Buckland, Massachusetts. Buckland is a small town on the east end of the Berkshires. The bridge conveys a rural highway over a drinking water impoundment. As part of a bridge rehabilitation for MassDOT, two hollow abutments were specified for filling. This would turn the structural approach/departure slabs into slab on grade. The alternative would have been to completely replace the structures. Filling them with traditional weight backfill would have caused significant settlement.

The Challenge

It was up to 30′ from the bottom of slab to the underlying soil which had originally been installed to backfill the abutments. The lightest possible material capable of providing sufficient support to the pavement was required. This would reduce the loads applied to the bridge from the backfill. Due to the very constrained access (a few cored holes through the deck, and a few square foot port cut into each abutment face), the lightweight material had to be self-consolidating (placed as a fluid).

Due to integrated beams for the structural slabs, there were 12 different individual pockets which were up to 2′ tall. Each had to be vent independently during the final lift. Four of were under live traffic because the road had to have one lane open at all times.

The Solution

CJGeo worked with the general contractor to formulate a plan to vent the individual pockets from outside of the open lanes. This helps to ensure a complete fill without requiring a complete road closure. Over the course of two mobilizations, CJGeo placed 2,840CY of 25lb/cuft CJFill-Ultra Lightweight to fill the abutments.

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