Culvert abandonment grouting using CJFill-Ultra Lightweight Cellular Concrete at Nashville International Airport

BNA Culvert Abandonment

Nashville, Tennessee

The Job

As part of a Nashville International Airport’s BNA Vision project, several hundred feet of culvert needed to be filled with grout. The culvert abandonment work is part of installing a new drainage system to accommodate a new terminal.

The Challenge

Due to long runs with no intermediate access, the engineer specified cellular concrete as the abandonment grout. Access to the site was across an active taxiway, so the fewest deliveries possible was very important. The minimum design requirements were:

  • 28 day compressive strength minimum = 100psi
  • maximum wet cast density = 35lb/cuft

The Solution

To address the need to limit the number of deliveries, CJGeo performed the culvert abandonment using CJFill-UL . CJFill-UL is batched onsite directly from bulk cement. By using bulk cement onsite, there were no concerns about hot loads of ready mix. A single semi was able to deliver all the raw material for the placement.

Each of the runs on this project is greater than 250LF. By using highly mobile grout, there are no questions about the pipes being completely full. CJFill-UL is so mobile it will flow by gravity up to a few hundred feet. The material is always pumped. This allows for placement from either the high or low end of individual runs. Because the density of the material is very low, it takes very little additional pressure to place from the low end.

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