forcemain abandonment using CJFill-Ultra Lightweight cellular grout by CJGeo

HRSD 24″ Forcemain Abandonment

Virginia Beach, VA

VB Blvd featured

The Job

HRSD‘s Virginia Beach Boulevard Forcemain Replacement project installed more than a mile of new pipe to replace an aging 24″ force main. The owner specified forcemain abandonment using grout.

The Challenge

The original alignment was outside the pavement limits. Over time due to extensive widening, most of the pipe was now under the roadway. The areas not under the roadway crossed under significant commercial & residential development.

To avoid the risk of utility strikes digging access pits, and disruption to traffic and citizens, the number of access points needed to be limited.

The Forcemain Abandonment Solution

CJGeo grouted more than 7,000LF of the 24″ pipe over a period of four working days onsite, using CJFill-Ultra Lightweight. The CJFill-UL completely filled each run of pipe. This was verified by uniform material venting from the far end of each run. Run lengths for the forcemain abandonment ranged from 450LF to more than 2000LF.

The CJFill-UL for this project was generated onsite using the wet batch process. Wet batching uses slurry delivered to the site by ready mix trucks. This method was best here because of very limited access at each of the placement points. The relatively short runs also lean towards wet batching.

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