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30k CY Lightweight Embankment

Baltimore, Maryland

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The Job

As part of the redevelopment of the Sparrows Point industrial area of Baltimore, three bridges were to be replaced. The owner specified lightweight embankment techniques due to extensive compressible soils. Sparrows Point is undergoing a transition from a brownfield site to a buzzing logistics hub. Multiple new distribution centers, berths and manufacturing facilities have driven an explosion in vehicle volume.

The Challenge

The original embankments are industrial byproducts over underlying compressible soils. As part of the reconstruction, the embankments needed to be widened and raised up to six feet to increase clearance below the bridges for both highway and rail traffic.

Due to the underlying compressible soils, there were concerns that the approximately 30,000 cubic yards of fill material needed would cause settlement.

Most material was immediately behind the new abutments, and helped to optimize the deep foundations by reducing axial & lateral loads.

The compressive strength for the material was 80psi, with a target density of 25lb/cuft.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed 25lb/cuft cellular concrete as a lightweight fill material buildable with locally-sourced materials to reduce transportation related risks and exposure to trucking shortages. Cellular concrete was several hundred thousand dollars less expensive than either Lightweight Expanded Shale Aggregate or Foamed Glass Aggregate. It also doesn’t require onsite stockpiling, and freed up the general contractor’s labor force to perform work other than placing aggregate.

CJGeo poured the lightweight embankment structures using 25lb/cuft CJFill-Ultra Lightweight cellular concrete over four mobilizations. Because CJFill-UL is so lightweight, all forming was silt fence. Silt fence facilitates complex curves, and is very economical. Side slopes were poured at 2′ vertical steps on 4′ horizontal insets.

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