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250000 Gallon Oil Tank Abandonment

Washington, DC

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The Job

This oil tank abandonment project is located in the nation’s capitol, Washington, DC. As part of decommissioning an underground oil tank at Howard University in Washington, DC, it needed to be filled with excavatable material that was lighter than the roughly 55lb/cuft heating oil it was designed to hold.

The tank is under a small empty lot. The lot is up for redevelopment in approximately three years.

The Challenge

For a complete decomissioning, the tank had to be completely full of grout. Since it sits within a planned basement excavation, the fill material has to be easily excavatable.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed 20lb/cuft cellular concrete for the oil tank abandonment grouting. This afforded plenty of factors of safety to reduce the likelihood of settlement induced by filling the tank and maximized excavatability. The removability modulus of 20lb/cuft (a quantifiable method for determining excavatability of various types of flowable fill) is much less than one. This means it is easily hand excavatable.

CJGeo placed the CJFill-Ultra Lightweight fill material over a period of two days onsite. Because cellular grout is highly mobile, no entry was required during the placement of the fill material, which designed a significant amount of risk out of the process.

The 1200CY placement was performed over two days onsite.

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