Warehouse floor lifting project using CJGrout geotechnical polyurethane.

Warehouse Floor Lifting

Norfolk, VA


25,000 square feet of the industrial floor at a military facility settled up to 4 inches and was affected by sub-slab voids. This warehouse floor lifting project also included 250 track feet of embedded rail, which was set in an independent, thickened slab section. The building had been used for warehousing but was being transitioned to light manufacturing/maintenance.  

There were extensive voids below the floor. The voids were located with GPR, and confirmed with cores. Because the floor had cracked extensively as it settled, the designer called for a 4″ un-bonded overlay after stabilization.


The proposed repair method had to provide adequate bearing capacity for manufacturing and ensure complete void filling and stabilization.


CJGeo provided a value engineering proposal to use geotechnical polyurethane instead of cementitious grout. The VE proposal was based on the following:

  • lower unit weight, so less likelihood of causing additional settlement
  • adequate strength to ensure uniform load transfer to the underlying soils
  • simplified logistics into a secure facility (all material delivered in just two truckloads)

The specified grout had an in-place density exceeding 115 pounds per cubic foot.  The proposed polyurethane grout, CJGrout 40NDV, has a constrained density of 5.5PCF, yet a bearing capacity exceeding 12KSF.


CJGeo mobilized three polyurethane grouting crews to the facility, with a combined pumping capacity exceeding 5,000 pounds per hour.  CJGeo crews injected the CJGrout 40NDV through nearly 2,000 dime-size holes drilled in the slab to complete this concrete lifting project.

The cutoff criteria for void filling was cross-hole communication or 0.1 inches of lift. The settled areas of floor raised an average of three inches. The embedded track area raised up to four inches.

It took CJGeo fewer than 10 days to complete this warehouse floor lifting job. Because the material cures to 95% within a few minutes, the overlay preparation crew worked a day behind the polyurethane grouting crews.

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