Lightweight temporary dam foundation installation using CJFill-Ultra Lightweight cellular concrete, by CJGeo

Lightweight Temporary Dam Foundation

New Jersey

The Job

This lightweight temporary dam foundation installation was part of flood proofing project a nuclear power plant. The temporary dam can be quickly installed between two large structures in the case of anticipated storm surge. This is to keep flood waters from inundating a sensitive area.

The Challenge

The cooling water pipes for a reactor pass under where the dam goes in the case of a predicted flood. If placed, the dam exceeds the design load of the underlying cooling pipes.

The Solution

The designer elected to excavate 3′ of fill from above the pipes and replace it with 25lb/cuft CJFill-UL . Removing 3′ of 120lb/cuft material and replacing it with 3′ of 25lb/cuft, reduces dead load by roughly 275lb/sqft. The 25lb/cuft material can float, however. So, to address buoyancy, given the minimal cover (2″ of asphalt), geogrid cast into surrounding high density flowable fill acts as a hold down.

CJGeo poured the lightweight temporary dam foundation in two lifts. To void being in a cold joint, the geogrid was placed on sewer bricks. This ensures at least 6″ of embedment in the top layer of CJFill. To assess the readiness of the CJFill-Ultra Lightweight for paving, CJGeo cast a test slab for the customer to run heavy equipment over prior to loading the production area.

This was the first project where CJGeo utilized geogrid for buoyancy control of cellular concrete.

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