Lightweight Temporary Dam Foundation

New Jersey

The Job

As part of flood proofing project a nuclear power plant, a temporary dam was designed for installation as needed between two large structures.

The Challenge

The cooling water pipes for a reactor passed under where the dam would need to be constructed in the case of a predicted flood. If placed, the dam would add up more load to the underlying cooling pipes than they were designed for.

The Solution

To reduce the load on the underlying pipes in case the dam needed to be placed, the designer elected to excavate 3′ of fill from above the pipes and replace it with 25lb/cuft CJFill-UL . To address buoyancy, given the minimal cover (2″ of asphalt), geogrid was cast into adjacent high density flowable fill, and then cast into the CJFill-UL.

CJGeo placed the material in two lifts.