Fullerton Reservoir Annular Space Grouting

CJGeo mobilized an experience crew to the site.


As part of the construction of a new drinking water reservoir for Baltimore County, Maryland, 140LF of 30″ jack & bore with a 12″ DIP waterline and two 4″ PVC conduits required annular space grouting

The Solution:

Due to the relatively long run and delicate PVC carrier pipes, CJGeo proposed using cellular concrete for the annular space grouting.  45lb/cuft non-pervious cellular concrete generated using Aerlite preformed foam was proposed to achieve the owner’s requirement of 250psi at 28 days.



CJGeo mobilized an experience crew to the site.  In a short morning, they generated and placed 31 cubic yards of cellular concrete to successfully grout the annulus.  Peak pumping pressure was less than 5psi, and uniform cellular concrete vented at the far end of the casing, confirming a complete fill.  

28 day breaks confirmed that CJGeo exceeded the break strength requirement.