Fullerton Reservoir Annular Space Grouting

Baltimore County, MD


This reservoir annular space grouting project is located in Baltimore, Maryland. As part of the construction of a new drinking water reservoir for Baltimore County, Maryland, 140LF of 30″ jack & bore with a 12″ DIP water line and two 4″ PVC conduits required annular space grouting


Due to the relatively long run and delicate PVC carrier pipes, CJGeo proposed using cellular concrete for the annular space grouting. 45lb/cuft CJFill-Standard cellular concrete generated using Aerlite preformed foam was proposed to achieve the owner’s requirement of 250psi at 28 days.

Carrier pipe buoyancy control is one of the most difficult elements of small diameter annular space grouting. In very large diameter placements, multiple lifts are practical, but in small diameter pipes, generally aren’t possible. When multi-lift grouting isn’t practical, having a grout density less than water (about 60 pounds per cubic foot) facilitates single lift grouting as long as the carrier pipes are full of water.



In a short morning, they generated and placed 31 cubic yards of cellular concrete to successfully grout the annulus. Peak pumping pressure was less than 5psi. Confirmation of a complete fill was uniform material discharging from the 12 o’clock vent at the opposite end from placement.

Because the grout density was significantly less than the density of water, filling the carrier pipes with water controlled all buoyancy.

28 day breaks confirmed that CJGeo exceeded the break strength requirement.

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