CPVC Annular Space Grouting

Leesburg, VA


This CPVC annular space grouting project is located in Leesburg, Virginia. Leesburg is outside of Washington, DC, and is a rapidly growing suburban community experiencing explosive growth of data centers, which is driving similar growth in water infrastructure. During the construction of commercial development, a 200LF of 16″ CPVC waterline was installed via jack and bore, through a 36″ casing. The casing crosses a suburban collector road, which is six lanes wide.


Due to site limitations, only one end of the pipe was accessible for grouting. The length of the placement was approximately 200LF. So, grout had to travel 200LF at low pressure while ensuring a complete fill without damaging the delicate carrier pipe material.

CPVC is relatively sensitive to heat of hydration, particularly when compared to ductile iron and fiberglass pipe materials.


Due to the relatively low volume, and heat sensitivity of the pipe, CJGeo proposed performing this CPVC annular space grouting with wet-batched 30lb/cuft CJFill-Ultra Lightweight low density controlled low strength material.

To control carrier pipe buoyancy during grouting, the jack and bore contractor filled the CPVC pipe with water. This was accomplished by using pipe plugs. To address the inaccessible vent end, the customer stubbed a vent pipe to the surface prior to backfilling the bulkhead.

A CJGeo CJFill cellular grouting crew took less than one day to complete the grouting. Confirmation of will was venting of uniform material from the far end vent pipe.

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