Communication Jack & Bore Grouting

Sandston, VA


The Job

The Sandston area, just outside of Richmond, Virginia, is at the crossroads of major north/south data transmission lines, and transoceanic data transmission lines. As a result, a number of large data centers are in the area or being planned & constructed.

The Challenge

As part of the construction of a new, multi-billion dollar data center, a utility contractor bored two, 48″ steel casings under a roadway & adjacent wet utilities for a road crossing. Each of the casings had up to 20 different PVC conduits held in place using casing spacers. The contractor needed a grout that could be placed at minimal pressure while ensuring complete fill without damaging the conduits.

The Solution

CJGeo mobilized a cellular grouting crew to the site and grouted both pipes in a single day. The peak grouting pressure was 5psi, and confirmation of fill was achieved when uniform cellular concrete was vented from the 12 o’clock position on the opposite end of each bore. 38PCF cellular concrete was used to achieve the design strength of 200psi at 28 days.