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Organic Preformed Foam

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Mearlcrete is an organic protein based foaming agent used for generating cellular concrete. Because it is an organic based foaming agent, it’s not well suited for use in geotechnical placements. Mearlcrete is primarily used in the LWIC roofing market, because it is included in numerous UL listings for roofing assemblies.

Organic based foaming agents aren’t good for geotechnical applications because they have strict limits on placement depths, can’t be processed by high volume generation equipment.

Alternatives to Mearlcrete

The most common alternative is Aerlite-iX. Aerlite-iX is a pure synthetic foaming agent. Relative to organic preformed foams, synthetic preformed foams:

  • tolerate lift thicknesses exceeding 20′ deep
  • can be processed by high volume equipment
  • do not denature due to heat of hydration

Sometimes an organic-synthetic blend is best. Aerlite, by Aerix Industries, is a blended foaming agent.