Preformed Foam

Aerlite is a synthetic/organic blend protein based preformed cellular concrete foam.  Aerix Industries developed and supplies the product.  CJGeo is an Aerix Industries factory-trained installer.  We are based in Virginia and install cellular concrete throughout the eastern United States.  Cellular concrete can be used for a variety of applications, such as:

Aerlite Mix Designs

Annular space grouting with Aerlite.
 Annular space grouting with Aerlite.

Aerlite is one of the most commonly used preformed cellular concrete foams in geotechnical and utility installations.  It’s commonly used due to its ability to tolerate thick lifts, resilience during pumping, and high expansion during generation.

Typical densities for neat-mix cellular concrete generated range from 20 lb/cuft to 80 lb/cuft, with associated strengths ranging from 40psi to 1100psi.  Sanded base mix is used to achieve higher densities, but is associated with lower strengths.

To create lightweight cellular concrete, the concentrate is mixed with water at a specific ratio.  The concentrate/water blend is then processed through a foam generator.  The foam generator aerates the mixture, which causes it to expand.  Once it’s expanded (which is a predictable process), the material does not shrink, swell or otherwise change volume.  The stability of the preformed foam is analyzed under ASTM C869, which includes dimensional stability as a criteria.

Depending on the batch method, the expanded preformed foam can be introduced to a transit mix truck containing a set amount of slurry (batch-generation), or injected into a concrete hose to mix with slurry being continuously pumped (continuous generation).  Batch generation is typically used for low volume projects (fewer than 10 cubic yards).  Continuous generation is used for larger volume placements.

Aerlite Applications

Aerlite can be used in relatively thick placements.  Heat of hydration of the cement in cellular concrete can affect the dimensional stability of the material during initial curing.  Because Aerlite is based on a synthetic protein foaming agent, it is tolerant of thicker lifts than MearlCrete or other organic protein-based preformed foams.  Depending on density, lifts up to 8′ thick are possible.  Aerlite-iX, which is an organic/synthetic blend, can also be used for thicker lifts.  Aquaerix can routinely be used for lifts up to 10′ deep.  

Aerlite can’t be used to create pervious cellular concrete.  In cases where pervious cellular concrete is required, we use Aquaerix.  Aquaerix creates an open cell bubble structure in the cellular concrete, which allows for permeability around 35cm/hr.  MearlCrete, Aerlite and Aerlite-iX all create closed cell bubble structures within the cellular concrete, making them impervious.  

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