Pipe and Sinkhole Repair

Joint Sealing & Stabilization

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CJGeo’s polyurethane and chemical grouting crews have performed hundreds of pipe and sinkhole repair projects. Most sinkholes that we have repaired are related to failures of underlying pipes and structures. However, in areas with karst geology, we have grouted geologic sinkholes, as well.

Pipe Repair

CJGeo’s pipe repair services focus on enterable pipes and structures, such as larger diameter RCP, CMP & box culverts.

RCP Repair

RCP repairs typically focus on sealing joints and leaks, whether it be water infiltration or soil infiltration. If leaks are severe enough to cause piping (water flowing outside the structure), polyurethane grouting is great for filling voids and ensuring water flows through a pipe, not around it.

CMP Repair

CMP repairs for newer pipes are usually leak and joint sealing. If invert deterioration is causing erosion and piping outside of the structure, polyurethane grouting is great for filling these voids. Polyurethane grouting with deteriorated inverts typically goes before invert paving, or lining.

Box Culvert Repair

Box culverts tend to be affected by the same problems as reinforced concrete pipe. Leaking joints, piping, and also structural cracks. CJGeo seals these leaks and joints, and also performs epoxy and chemical grout injection on cracks. The crack injection method chosen generally depends on the amount of water coming through the crack, and whether the structure is moving or not.

Sinkhole Repair

The majority of sinkholes are not the result of geologic features. They’re just a sign of erosion of soil over a defect

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