Percussion Driven Earth Anchors

Certified Platipus Installers

CJGeo is a certified installation contractor for Platipus Anchors.  Platipus is a manufacturer or percussion driven earth anchors (PDEAs).  PDEAs are used for tension applications only, but are much faster and less expensive to install than helical piles or other drilled and/or grouted anchor systems.  

Some uses for percussion driven earth anchors include:

  • lightweight slab on grade buoyancy control
  • lightweight fill buoyancy control
  • pipeline buoyancy control
  • geogrid anchoring
  • tension anchors for structures
  • retaining wall repair & stabilization
  • shallow seated slide repair

Platipus anchors are capable of providing up to 44kip tension capacity, and are driven into the ground mechanically.  Anchors are driven to depth, then tension is applied to the threaded rod or cable tendon.  The anchor head flips and achieves load lock.  Once the anchors are load locked, a bearing plate is installed at the surface to transfer the tension load capacity to the structure, matting or other surface.

Tension capacity in granular soil is based on Terzaghi’s calculation, and Skempton’s calculation is used for tension capacity in cohesive soils.  As part of load locking and tensioning, each anchor is load tested, providing capacity verification of every single anchor.