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We repair settlement of slab floors in all types of structures. From offices and manufacturing facilities, to warehouses and industrial facilities. In conjunction with concrete floor repair using polyurethane grouting for void filling and lifting, we also perform spall patching, and incidental replacement as required.

Concrete Floor Repair Methods

For floors which have floor coverings such as carpet, tile & wood, our primary repair process is settlement correcting using high density polyurethane injection. High density polyurethane injection (polyurethane grouting) fills voids under floors and then raises them back to level using precise, controlled injection of foam below the floor. The foams we use for this repair process are at least five times stronger than the bearing material. So, while lightweight, they’re more than strong enough.

Polyurethane grouting is a very versatile concrete floor repair method.  Whether a wide-open warehouse or a densely-equipped manufacturing area, polyurethane grouting can correct settlement of concrete floors and slab foundations. Different situations require different polyurethane grouts. Different grouts are available for light lifting, undersealing, bulk void filling, and heavy lifting.  

CJGeo’s polyurethane grouting trucks are built around carrying multiple polyurethane grout types.  This allows us to use the most appropriate grout, even if multiple grouts are required on a single job.  Many companies use small trailer rigs which can cary limited amounts and types of polyurethane grouts.  CJGeo’s polyurethane grouting trucks can carry more than 10,000 pounds of multiple polyurethane grouts. Most jobs are only a few thousand pounds.

Typical Concrete Floor Repair Types

In addition to settlement correction of concrete floors, another frequent concrete floor repair we perform is undersealing to address slab curl and slab warping. Geotechnical polyurethane is the best product on the market for filling voids under curled and warped slabs to arrest movement and deterioration. Slab curl and warping typically affect large floor such as warehouses.

Settlement of concrete floors typically first shows with differential heights at joints between slabs. One slab is higher than the other where they meet.  These height differences can be tripping hazards for employees.  They also cause premature wear of material handling equipment’s rigid tires.  Occasionally, height differences at slabs are so big that equipment can get hung up on the joint.  Hung equipment is a safety hazard in that it can cause loads to topple and strike workers on the ground.

Slab edges frequently spall or crack as a result of settlement.  In addition to repairing the movement or settlement which caused the joint deterioration, we can also patch spalls and broken corners.  We use fast-setting epoxy based repair mortars which are incredibly durable.  

Advantages of Using CJGeo for Concrete Floor Repair

Your time is money.  Your tenant’s time is their money.  We provide repairs designed around minimizing operational impacts on our customer’s businesses.  This doesn’t mean we go fast by cutting corners.  Modern repair methods using fast-curing polyurethane grouts, epoxy-based patches not only provide superior longevity, but also provide much faster return to service times.

For example, lifting settled warehouse floors with grout typically requires no traffic for days while the grout cures.  Geotechnical polyurethanes cure within a few minutes of injection.  Therefore, polyurethane grouting can be done off-hours, or during scheduled downtime. Typically there are no impacts on operations at all.  95% of the time, our clients schedule their concrete floor repair during normal business hours. 

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