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Commercial Foundation Repair

Grouting for Foundation Repair

We use polyurethane grouting, and chemical grouting for commercial foundation repair and underpinning.

Grouting Repairs

Polyurethane grouting for commercial slab foundation repair.

Polyurethane Grouting

We are known for our polyurethane grouting expertise when it comes to stabilizing and correcting settlement of slab foundations. From small sections of settled warehouse floors and compressor bases to distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and big box retailers, we employ polyurethane grouting for commercial foundation repair with minimal disruption and downtime.

Polyurethane grouting may be used in place of traditional low mobility grouting for ground improvement, or high mobility grouting for undersealing. Learn more about CJGrout, our line of custom geotechnical polyurethanes developed specifically for heavy duty applications here.

Polyurethane compaction grouting can be performed up to 35′ below grade to consolidate weak soils below structures. Accompanied by DCP testing, polyurethane grouting can be targeted to treat specific problematic areas of soil below a structure, with post-grouting DCP testing for verification.

CJGeo filling voids caused by erosion behind a retaining wall using polyurethane grouting.

Chemical Grouting

Chemical grouting for commercial foundation repair is primarily used for binding loose soils such as sands and gravels to improve bearing capacity. Permeation grouting uses prepolymer grouts to achieve compressive strengths approaching 150ksf in sands, and can also be used to cut off water flows adjacent to structure which may destabilize excavations. Chemical grouting is primarily performed in non-cohesive soils.

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