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CJGrout-Marine Flotation Foam

For Large Scale Commercial Applications

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CJGrout-Marine meets Title 45 CFR 179.240 for flotation foam, and USCG Title 33, Chapter 1, Part 183. Its free rise density is 2.2 lb/cuft. CJGrout-Marine is placable by pour or pump placement.

Please note that CJGrout-Marine is not available for sale for self-installation. It is formulated to be installed at high volume (ie: hundreds or thousands of gallons at a time) through specialized processing equipment for filling large commercial vessels, such as barges.

Physical Properties

CJGrout-Marine Flotation Foam has a free rise density of 2.2lb/cuft. By filling a cavity with 2.2lb/cuft material, you are sacrificing approximately 3.5% of the buoyant force of that cavity. The benefit is that the cavity doesn’t have to be air or watertight to remain buoyant.

Filling cavities with CJGrout-Marine sacrifices a small amount of the buoyant capacity of the cavity. However, because CJGrout-Marine flotation foam absorbs nominal amounts of water, the risk of a compartment flooding and the vessel sinking is effectively zero.


CJGrout-Marine is a pour foam. It is only placable using polyurethane reactor equipment. It is pumped to the placement area through heated, high pressure hoses. Continuous mixing through the mixing head then discharges into the placement area.

For open cavities, the marine flotation foam is pourable from the top. It discharges in a weak stream from the mixing head. For closed cavities, such as ballast tanks, or hull sections of barges, CJGrout-Marine is injected through placement holes which are then sealed with marine epoxy.

CJGeo’s specialized equipment can place more than 30 cubic yards of in place flotation foam per hour. Each placement rig has installation hoses up to 400 feet long. For hard to reach installations, equipment loadable onto barges to pushto the work area.

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