Cellular Concrete Generation Methods

Truck Batch Cellular Concrete

Foam added to truck.

Cellular Concrete Generation Methods

How Truck Batch Works

The truck batch cellular concrete generation method is called truck batching because the cellular concrete foam is added to cement paste or slurry in the drum of a ready mix truck. A ready mix plant batches slurry into a ready mix truck. The ready mix truck hauls the slurry to the job site. Onsite, the cellular concrete crew sprays foam such as Aerlite-iX into the drum. The drum’s rotation blends the foam and slurry into a homogenous mixture of cellular concrete.

The cellular concrete discharges through the truck’s chute into the placement area, or pump hopper.

What Truck Batch Is Best For

The truck batch cellular concrete generation method is really only best for low volume pours. Most ready mix truck drums are between eight and twelve cubic yards. If a pour is less than the size of a single drum, truck batching can work well.

Depending on the desired density, the load of ready mix will be between two and five cubic yards. The load size is based on the desired final volume and density of the finished cellular concrete.

If pours are relatively small and heavy, such as small tremie pours behind bulkheads, truck batching is also a viable method to make low density controlled low strength material.

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