cjgeo national mall project
grain bin floor repair using polyurethane grouting by CJGeo
Pipe abandonment under dam using cellular concrete.
Polyurethane grouting by CJGeo to raise alley pavement
runway slabjacking by CJGeo using polyurethane grouting
annular space grouting over lake for a pile-supported water supply line
Polyurethane grouting to raise sections of precast train inspection pit.

We’re Geotechnical Contractors 

We’re a geotechnical contractor serving commercial and industrial facilities, and infrastructure clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast & South. We specialize in polyurethane grouting, and have successfully completed thousands of projects.  Our polyurethane grouting projects range from lifting small sections of sidewalks at facilities to performing the world’s largest polyurethane annular space grouting of an SSP tunnel reline. Additionally, we install cellular concrete, helical and resistance piles, and perform chemical grouting.  CJGeo is the sister company of Concrete Jack, a residential & multifamily concrete lifting & foundation repair company based in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Our parent company, Preston H. Roberts, Inc started as a residential site work & utilities installation contractor, branching into light commercial site work & utilities.  From its start in 2008, Concrete Jack performed residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial & infrastructure repairs.  In 2015, we split off all non-residential & multi-family work as CJGeo.   Our experienced solution design and repair execution teams can provide routine and outside the box solutions to settlement, infiltration, instability and other geotechnical and infrastructure problems.  Learn more about the services & repairs we provide below.

CJGeo service area map


Our Services 

We perform the following services:

polyurethane grouting 

We specialize in polyurethane grouting for concrete lifting and stabilization.  We started out as a residential mudjacking contractor, and have grown into one of the largest, most experienced polyurethane grouting contractors on the East Coast.  From interstates to sidewalks, office floors to runways, box culverts & tunnels, we lift and stabilize it all.  CJGeo is a factory-trained installer for NCFI's TerraThane.

cellular concrete 

From low pressure annular space grouting to tunnel abandonments and lightweight fills, we place cellular concrete for geotechnical and utility applications throughout the East Coast.  With batch and continuous generation capabilities, we have done placements as small as 1.5 cubic yards, to more than 1500 cubic yards.  CJGeo is a factory-trained installer for Aerix Industries.

large diameter pipe repair 

 Box culverts leak.  RCP joints fail.  CMP inverts deteriorate.  Sinkholes form around intake structures.  Vaults suffer from i&i.  Whatever the problem, CJGeo's polyurethane and chemical grouting services stop leaks and instability in their tracks.  Structural polyurethane grouting fills sinkholes and stabilizes adjacent infrastructure and facilities without the disruption or cost of excavation.  CJGeo's large diameter pipe repairs keep you, your customers and your citizens happy.

deep foundations 

Whether you need new construction helical piles or to lift a settled commercial or industrial structure, we install helical and resistance piles to prevent and correct structural settlement.  We work with various consulting structural and geotechnical engineers throughout our service area for foundation repair design and implementation.  CJGeo is a factory-trained installer for Earth Contact Products.

chemical grouting 

We perform chemical grouting for soil modification and stabilization and water infiltration/inflow repairs for facilities & utility structures.



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