Office Floor Settlement Repair

Portsmouth, VA


The slab floor inside of a grain import/export facility office is settled. All exterior walls were pile-supported, but the floor was poured as slab on grade. Slab settlement up to 3 inches affected approximately half of the building footprint.


Over the years the floor settled, extensive cosmetic repairs were done to the walls, including tuckpointing CMU walls, moving/shimming HVAC ducting, and rerouting water lines. Scheduling for the slab foundation repair had to be done around the busy grain season when the office building was continuously occupied.


CJGeo proposed polyurethane grouting for the settlement repair. Polyurethane grouting is safe, fast, and economical for floor settlement repair.

CJGeo mobilized two polyurethane grouting crews to the facility on a Saturday morning. The entire 4,000 square foot area was lifted over a period of 9 hours, with no disruption to operations. During lifting, previous cosmetic repairs were undone to facilitate lifting. This included removing extensive patch material from the CMU walls, loosening plumbing connections, and adjusting HVAC ductwork.

By mobilizing multiple crews with multiple equipment redundancies, CJGeo was able to ensure that the repair had zero disruptions to the facility and its operations.