Tamper crossing slide

NY Grade Crossing Repair

Geneva, New York

The Job

10 panels of StarTrack modular grade crossing tubs settled in an urban street crossing owned by a short line. As a result of the settlement multiple clips broke. This caused the panels to pump.

The Challenge

The crossing tubs settled, and when crossed by trucks, pumped water containing the sub-ballast up between the tubs and adjacent pavement. The adjacent track also settled significantly.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed grouting immediately below the panels, and also into the underlying disturbed subballast using CJGrout 48NHL geotechnical polyurethane grout.

The CJGrout 48NHL was injected through 5/8″ holes drilled through the panels. The settlement pattern of each panel determines the specific hole spacing. It takes about five minutes for the grout to cure to 95% of its ultimate strength. After grouting, it’s important to tamp the approaches. Because the rails are clipped, lifting the panels lifts the rails & ties in the approaches. If the approaches aren’t tamped, the crossing can teeter totter, which is bad. Tamping is done immediately after grouting, and preferably before any rail traffic resumption.

CJGeo performed the StarTrack modular grade crossing repair without impacting rail traffic. The facility was able to function normally throughout the repair, which took less than a day.

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