Dumfries Lightweight Fill

Dumfries Pipe Abandonment

Dumfries, Virginia

The Job

This utility relocation included abandonment grouting as part of a VDOT roadway reconstruction and realignment of US Route 1 in Dumfries, Virginia. This Dumfries pipe abandonment job is located in a rapidly growing town in Northern Virginia. US Route 1 is a major local traffic corridor, as well as a bailout route for I-95 congestion.

The Challenge

1,575LF of pipe, a combination of 54″ & 60″ needed to be completely filled with grout. Due to sequencing, the pipe was underneath new roadway at the time of abandonment. So, the fewer the number of access points, the better.

The Solution

CJGeo placed 995CY of 25lb/cuft CJFill-Ultra Lightweight cellular grout to completely fill the pipe run. The material was placed in a single day, from a single access point near the center of the pipe run.

To facilitate such a large placement in a single day on this Dumfries pipe abandonment job, CJGeo used dry batch generation. Dry batch generation mixed water with bulk cement onsite, using a mobile batch plant. CJGeo’s mobile batch plants are designed specifically to generate cellular concrete. They generate preformed foam at the same time as making the cement slurry. The preformed foam and cement slurry pass through an in line mixer, at up to 200CY/hour.

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