Cellular Concrete Fill by CJGeo in Nashville

Nashville Basement Backfill

Nashville, Tennessee

Lightweight Backfill around basement in Nashville

The Job

Nashville Yards is a block-wide new build project in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. With multiple underground levels of parking, this Nashville basement backfill excavation is more than 30′ below grade in spots. The excavation walls are a combination of blasted rock and soil nail walls.

The Challenge

The designer wanted to reduce lateral loading on the basement walls as much as possible. Due to the irregular face of the blasted rock & soil nail walls, lightweight aggregate would have been very difficult to install and compact, and would have applied lateral loads for the life of the structure. Flowable fill would have been easy to install, but applied too much lateral loading during installation if done in practical pour volumes.

The structural engineer determined that 25lb/cuft cellular concrete would be the best backfill material. The project volume was approximately 1500CY, and the maximum fill depth was 30′.

The Solution

CJGeo mobilized a mobile batch plant which uses colloidal mixing to the site. Due to the extremely high quality mixing, the crew placed CJFill-Ultra Lightweight up to 10′ deep per pour. This included three pours 10′ deep and 250CY each to complete this Nashville basement backfill project on time.

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