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Permeable Cellular Concrete

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Aquaerix is a preformed foam for generating permeable cellular concrete. Permeability decreases with density. Therefore, the optimal range of density for permeable cellular concrete generated with Aquaerix is 20 to 35lbs/cuft.

Manufacturer/Installer of Aquaerix

Aerix Industries manufactures Aquaerix, for use by Aerix Industries certified installers, such as CJGeo. As a certified installer for Aerix, CJGeo runs three mobile dry batch plants for generating permeable cellular concrete, along with three wet batch plants for generating CJFill-High Permeability cellular concrete.

Typical Physical Properties

While the exact properties of permeable cellular concrete vary based on cement source, water:cement ratio, and other job-specific factors. In general, permeable cellular concrete breaks similarly to other cellular concrete. It has permeability values ranging from 2cm/sec to 0.5cm/sec.

How It’s Used

A foam generator is used to turn concentrate, water, and pressurized air into a continuous stream of foam. The finished foam looks and feels like shaving cream. Specially designed pumps and continuous mixers precisely combine the foam and cement paste. The preformed foam is about 2lbs/cuft, and the cement paste is around 110lbs/cuft. The ratio of foam to paste is varied to achieve the desired wet cast density.

When making permeable cellular concrete, the foam bubbles have a high affinity for each other. When the cement paste sets, water can then pass through the material where the bubbles were in contact. The lower the density, the more bubbles, and the higher the permeability. The foam provides no contribution to the long term strength or stability of the permeable cellular concrete.

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