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The busier you are, the higher the opportunity cost of self-performing grouting. Whether it’s annular, contact, abandonment or water control & permeation grouting, CJGeo’s tunneling market grouting team does grouting every day, letting you free up crews to mine every day. The main types of grouting CJGeo performs in the tunneling market are:

Annular Grouting

We perform annular space grouting using cellular grout. Unlike most cellular grout plants which either use ready mix and make low quality material, or take days to set up over a massive footprint, our grout plants can make up to 200CY/hour, use high shear colloidal mixing to generate high quality material, and are mounted on tandem chassis. By keeping to a small footprint, we are typically grouting within a few hours of arrival onsite.

Contact Grouting

Our mobile batch plants can generate up to 40CY/hour of neat paste grout for contact grouting. Because they use bulk cement, we eliminate the need for relying on ready mix, breaking bags, or handling super sacs onsite.

Permeation Grouting

Whether you’re hand mining out of a shaft through flowing sands, or breaking through sheet pile below the ground water table, CJGeo uses acrylic and chemical grouts to stabilize soils to facilitate mining.

Water Control

The largest underground leak we’ve addressed to date was 25 million gallons per day. Have leaks? We can help.

Abandonment Grouting

Taking old lines out of service doesn’t have to be a pain. CJGeo’s cellular grouting plants can generate hundreds of cubic yards per hour of cellular grout, and pump it up to a mile per placement point (depending on line size).

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Facing a challenge, or looking to free up your crews to lay pipe, bore, or mine like they’re best at? Give us a shout or shoot us a text.

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