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5520CY Tank Abandonment

Stamford, CT

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The Job

As part of a water treatment plant rehabilitation project in Stamford, Connecticut, a 25,000sqft underground tank needed to be abandoned, and the concrete roof removed.

The geotechnical engineer required an average fill density of less than 60lbs/cuft to avoid settlement.

The Challenge

The lightweight fill material had to provide sufficient support for approximately 4′ of compacted fill material, and a delivery truck loading dock, and future building.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed 25lb/cuft permeable cellular concrete with an approximately 10ksf compressive strength to fill the structure.

CJGeo placed the 25lb/cuft cellular concrete in daily pours up to 980CY, in single lifts up to 36 inches thick. The roof demolition debris dropped onto the top of the cellular concrete and was then buried with fill material.

The total project volume was approximately 5520CY.