Sinkholes can be caused by many things. In some parts of the country, karst limestone leads to large sinkholes that can swallow cars and houses. In the Eastern US, however, you are much more likely to find sinkholes created by failing stormwater infrastructure that, though it may not swallow up an entire house, could cause severe damage to a vehicle or a person, if not treated properly. 

The method most commonly utilized for repairing sinkholes around stormwater infrastructure is grouting with an organic material, typically infused with some concrete to give the organic material a bit more stability and help it set up faster. This is a temporary repair. One that, depending on how bad the leak in your drop inlet or stormwater pipe, will likely re-emerge year after year, and you will have to pay for the same repair year after year. 

CJGeo offers a permanent repair solution for leaking stormwater infrastructure. We utilize high-density, water-proofing polyurethane grout, which is injected as a liquid through the walls of the drop inlet or stormwater pipe, which then follows the flow-path of water, expands and seals any leaking joints in the structure.


drop inlet sealing