Warehouse Floor Stabilization

Warehouse Floor Stabilization–Polyurethane Grouting, Suffolk, Virginia


Various joints throughout a 400,000 square foot warehouse building were moving with dynamic loading as a result of slab curl. Approximately 750LF of joint were affected, and some of the differential movement exceeded 3/8″. In a few locations, the deflection from slab curl caused spalls and joint deterioration. A previous repair contractor had attempted to repair two areas of deteriorated joints by saw cutting and replacing the corners, but this worsened the problem, because of over cuts and lack of stability of the surrounding slabs.


Given the need to continue operations in both customer’s areas of the building, repairs had to be non-disruptive, and treated joints had to be closed to stock picker lifts/forklifts for fewer than 15 minutes during individual repairs.


Geotechnical polyurethane grouting to stabilize and lift the affected areas of slab floor. As part of the undersealing process, each location was load tested with typical traffic before the crew moved on to the next location. Because high density polyurethane cures so quickly (just a few minutes before opening to normal traffic), the crews were able to work efficiently throughout the facility while ensuring a proper repair.


CJGeo polyurethane grouting crews successfully undersealed the affected joints, lifted areas with differential settlement, replaced deteriorated patches and installed new epoxy floor patches at spalls. Operations of both tenants were able to continue undisturbed during the repairs.

None of the subslab or encased utilities were affected, and flooring restoration was able to start the day after the lifting was completed.