Warehouse Floor Lifting

Warehouse Floor Repair using Polyurethane Grouting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Concrete slab floor inside of warehouse settled adjacent to exterior wall, up to 4 inches.  The area affected by settlement also had voids ranging between and inch and three inches deep.  The area of floor which settled and required polyurethane concrete lifting was approximately 200 feet long and extended up to 10 feet out from the wall.


The customer was looking for a quick repair which didn’t require downtime and was less expensive than alternative repairs.  The lifting material had to be of adequate strength to hold up both the floor, fork truck traffic, and storage racks for industrial materials.


High density polyurethane grouting to fill the voids under the slabs and raise them back to their original level.  High density polyurethane foam was chosen for its light weight (4 pounds per cubic foot) and cleanliness.  The polyurethane which was chosen for the repair has a compressive strength of approximately 10,000 pounds per square foot, which provided a nearly 50 time safety factor.


A single crew completed the placement in 12 hours using equipment and materials contained in a single 20-foot long box truck.  The entire area which had settled was returned to within 1/4 inch of its original level using high density polyurethane concrete lifting.