Warehouse Floor Repair in Pittsburgh

Distribution Center Floor Repair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Differential settlement along joints inside of a warehouse.  This resulted in tripping hazards for employees.  The customer used monitoring devices to establish that the movement had slowed over time, a few years after the floor was poured.  The settlement affected joints in the packaging areas of two different tenant spaces in the facility.  

A local mudjacking contractor had proposed a repair which would take up to three days to complete.

Polyurethane grouting worker repairing warehouse floor by injecting polyurethane grout below the warehouse floor.

Warehouse floor repair using polyurethane grouting


Both tenants were sensitive to disruptions of their packaging areas, and could not tolerate the three days required to repair the areas using mudjacking.  Additionally, due to extensive computers & printers for packaging in the areas, the repair had to be very clean, with no risk of spraying lime or cement grout on the equipment.

The settled areas were nearby the fire protection and mechanical service panel areas, so repairs couldn’t disrupt or damage the utilities.


Geotechnical polyurethane grouting to raise the settled floor slabs back into place.  Polyurethane grouting is superior to mudjacking in situations like this because it is considerably cleaner, much faster, and allows for immediate reuse.  This reduces disruptions to the facility’s use, which operations running and tenants happy.  

The material used in polyurethane grouting is much lower weight than mudjacking grout.  This reduces the weight applied to the underlying soil.  Lower weight materials reduce the chance of resettlement.


A single CJGeo polyurethane grouting crew completed the warehouse floor repair in less than a day.  Work was completed on a Saturday to minimize disruption to operations, as work had to be completed in the packaging areas.  Due to the fast curing properties of polyurethane grout, all repaired areas were immediately returned to service.

The work was completed for significantly less than the price quoted by the local mudjacking contractor.