Void Filling Under Floor

Void Filling Under Floor, Vienna, Virginia


Strip mall store was being renovated for a new tenant upfit. Workers noticed that while driving their scissor lifts around the floor dust would puff up at the cracks in the floor. Workers also reported that the floor sounded hollow.  Contractor broke three inspection holes through floor adjacent to exterior wall and discovered voids up to 15 inches deep along the exterior wall, tapered to 0 depth approximately 10 feet back from the wall.


Because the future tenant had been promised a hard move in date, fast, non-disruptive installation was very important. Additionally, cost was a concern to ensure good relations with the contractor’s customer.


Lightweight cellular concrete installation for void filling under floor. Cellular concrete was chosen because it is lightweight, which minimizes any impact on the underlying soil, and is cost effective.


CJGeo cellular concrete installation crew installed 35 cubic yards of lightweight cellular concrete into the void space under the floor. The work was completed over a period of a few hours, while other renovation activities continued to take place. There was no delay to the tenant upfit operation, and the work was completed for a fraction of the cost of the alternative proposal, which was to remove and replace the concrete floor.