Under Sealing Concrete Interstate

Under Sealing Concrete Interstate with Polyurethane in Harrisburg, PA


Voids under base concrete pavement slabs of the Pennsylvania Turnpike caused reflective cracking through multiple asphalt pavement overlays and deterioration of the concrete slabs.


Lane closure restraints from traffic volume, special events and adjacent milling and paving.  Work areas had to be open to unrestricted vehicle traffic immediately after work sessions.


High density polyurethane injection for under sealing concrete slabs without lifting. Specially-formulated undersealing polyurethane foam was chosen for its slow reaction speed to allow for complete void filling with no lifting.  Micrometers were used to measure for lift; injection was stopped when treated slabs moved 1/100th of an inch.


CJGeo stabilized 38 lane miles of interstate highway using four polyurethane grouting crews.