Surgical Center Floor Lifting

Surgical Center Floor Lifting, Raleigh, NC


The slab floor of a surgical center settled, causing the ceiling tiles to pull, and numerous cracks to form in the walls. The affected area included storage rooms, lab rooms, patient recovery room suite, bathroom, computer storage rack room, and surgical procedure room. A central hallway was the low point of the settlement, which extended approximately 8 feet to each side of the hallway, which was approximately 100 feet long, for a total repair area of 2,000 square feet.

The building construction was three floors, with all structural loads on the exterior walls. The affected area of the building was constructed on approximately 25 feet of uncontrolled fill. Structural loads were designed to bear on a deep foundation system, however the interior floor rests solely on the uncontrolled fill.


The repair had to be completed quickly, with minimal disruption to the medical equipment and facility’s use.  Additionally, all drilling had to be dustless with absolute minimal risk of material soiling adjacent areas and finishes.


High density polyurethane grouting for this slab foundation repair project. Due to the continuous sheet flooring in many of the affected rooms, Concrete Jack proposed placing injection holes only in the hallway (resettable carpet squares) to have to avoid drilling holes through the continuous flooring in the patient and lab areas.

Foam jacking uses a mechanical connection between the injection equipment and slabs, which minimizes risk of material escaping from below slab. The 5/8″ holes required for foam jacking are small enough that they generate little dust, which is easily captured with HEPA filter vacuums.


Two CJGeo polyurethane grouting crews mobilized to Raleigh on a Saturday morning. High density polyurethane injection work started at 11am, and was completed by 2:30pm.  The property manager removed the carpet squares from the hallway corridor the evening before, and then reinstalled them immediately after the polyurethane injection was completed. Concrete Jack’s technicians took special measures to ensure that the high density polyurethane traveled to and treated the entire work area.

The foam jacking crews were able to return all of the slabs in the work area back to within 1/8″ of their original positions. The extensive cracks in the interior walls closed up, and no disturbances happened in the sensitive rooms. This job was completed using NCFI TerraThane foam.