Slab Jacking Bridge Approach

Slab Jacking Bridge Approach Repair in Richmond, Virginia


5.0 inches of settlement (3.0 were differential) of a bridge approach slab adjacent between a tool booth and mainline expressway required slab jacking bridge approach.  Vehicles slowed to near stop at joint with settlement, and had difficulty reaching highway speed for immediate merge onto I-95.


Heavy commuter traffic that could not be interrupted, and revenue losses from closing tolled ramp needed to be minimized.  Ramp is immediately adjacent to Interstate 95 in downtown Richmond, Virginia.


Grout-based concrete leveling to raise and support slabs.  Due to the unknown size of voids under the slab, grout was chosen for its low material cost and ease in handling both bulk void filling and lifting at once.


CJGeo completed slab jacking bridge approach slabs, which was 22 inches thick, in less than 6 hours.  Nine cubic yards of material were placed, and the road was immediately opened to vehicular traffic.