Shopping Center Trip Hazard Repairs

Shopping Center Trip Hazard Repairs, Norfolk, VA


Sidewalk in front of shopping center settled below adjacent curb.  This caused a tripping hazard.  Previous replacement work in the area appeared to have been done after settlement had started.  


Work had to be done during normal pedestrian traffic, and not disrupt tenants.  The tripping hazards were in front of a dollar store and quick service sandwich restaurant, so there was relatively high pedestrian flow throughout the day.

The repair had to be able to correct all of the trip hazards, despite the presence of different ages of concrete installed at different stages of settlement.


High density polyurethane grouting  to raise the sidewalks back to their original position, eliminating the trip hazards.

Polyurethane grouting uses high strength geotechnical polyurethane grout to fill under sinking concrete and then gently raise it back into place.  Our residential-focused sister company performs thousands of sidewalk repairs a year.  Learn more here.


CJGeo polyurethane grouting crew raised the sidewalk back into place, correcting the trip hazards.  Due to the previous repoured concrete, some edges of the slab had to be touched up with a grinder afterwards.

The repair was done on a weekday, during normal business hours.  The equipment used for polyurethane grouting is quiet and contained in a box truck.  This allows for repairs to be completed during normal business hours, which is much less expensive than night or weekend work.  We use dust capturing systems for drilling and grinding to ensure a clean work area.  This repair took less than two hours, and had no impact on the customers or operations of the adjacent businesses.