Polyurethane Annular Space Grouting

Polyurethane Annular Space Grouting, Maryland


Failed joint of a slip lining pipe prevented use of standard grout material specified for annular space grouting. The annular space was approximately 80 feet long, and could be accessed from both ends of the pipe, however there were exiting concrete bulkheads from previous attempts at grouting with cellular concrete, so access to the annular space was still severely constricted.


Groundwater infiltration into the annular space through the failed carrier pipe required using a hydro-insensitive material to fill the annular space. Due to proximity of the Chesapeake Bay, chosen material had to be environmentally friendly.


High density polyurethane grouting using a hydro-insensitive polyurethane material capable of traveling long distances to ensure complete fill of the annular space, while minimizing the entry of polyurethane into the slip line pipe through its failed joints.


CJGeo polyurethane grouting crew injected high density polyurethane into the annular space using custom-fabricated injection pipes slid through the original bulkhead vents. Expanded foam was seen at almost all of the joints in the slip line pipe, and showed at multiple points outside of the carrier pipe, indicating a complete fill.